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Bar Douro, London 2017

Bar Douro is a Portuguese restaurant located in Flat Iron Square, in the heart of London’s Bankside. 

The design was developed around the concept of an open kitchen and seated bar, with more dynamic seating arrangements around a bespoke 6m long curvy window table. 

The material palette draws from traditional influences, with curved Portuguese marble counters, solid granite, and blue azulejos tiles commissioned for the project and hand painted in Lisbon. Warm reclaimed timber introduces a softer feel in contrast, along with light fittings inspired by the copper cataplana dishes of the region.  

The informal and transparent nature of dining at the bar is supported through the industrial open ductwork, weaving its way to the outside to a dramatic chimney, and bespoke mild steel furniture within the space. A giant wine cooler cabinet celebrates wine culture when viewed from the bar, whilst providing an intimate space at mezzanine level for wine tastings and private dining.

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